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About the band

About the band

« Poetic and Explosive. A singular universe emerges from The band’s 70’s rock, Blues and Eastern influenCES » 


Formed in Paris in France , the band is formed by lead vocalist/bassist Eliz Mourad and guitarist Arno Vincendeau.

Of Lebanese origin Eliz Mourad started to sing by listening to soul and rock music while growing up in France. Today she keeps this faith and brings the heat on stage. 
Influenced by 70’s Rock music, Arno became the storyteller of the band.
Teleferik is a new rock combination of these two routes.
The band collaborated with many artists. Lawrence Clais ( Phoenix , M and De La Soul ). Imari Kokubo was the drummer of the band from 2011 to 2013. She recorded on their 2nd EP "Louve Garou " released in 2013. Joe Babiak (Michael Angelo , Kill Hannah and Cage9 ) played with Teleferik during their tour in the US in 2014 and Korea Tour in 2016. Olivier Hurtu (Jesus Volt) plays with the band since 2014.

Teleferik has release 2 EPs and one self-financed album “Lune Electric” in October 2015.
Their album has been nominated at OÜI FM Rock Awards 2016 and their song “ Behlam Fik” appears on the CD Compilation OÜI FM Rock Awards 2016 amongst The Libertines, Muse, Coldplay, Beirut...
The band is currently touring in Europe, the US, the Middle East while working on their next album.

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